Jose Robles Dream Scholarship Fund

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About the Dream Scholarship Fund

Many of the people who entered the United States to work as immigrants during the economic boom years of the last few decades brought their minor children with them. Many of these children have been attending American public schools since Kindergarten, and in every cultural sense of the word are “Americans”...Read more about the Dream Scholarship Fund.

Dream Scholarship Fund Donors

Thousands of students in America are being denied their dreams of attending college and contributing to the economy due to enactment of misguided laws which deny these students funding for the opportunity to attend college. By donating to the DREAM Scholarship Fund, you can help these children to achieve their goals and by doing so also help to renew our economy...Read more about Dream Scholarship Fund Donors.

Dream Scholarship Fund Applicants

The DREAM Scholarship Fund values the diversity and the contributions that immigrants and their families make to our society and economy. We understand that America is your home, you have been raised and educated as an American, and you would like to continue to make important contributions to America’s culture and economy...Read more about applying for the Dream Scholarship Fund

Immigration Reform for Graduates