Dream Scholarship Fund Students and Selective Service

Dream Act Fund Selective Service RegistrationIn addition to applying for The Dream Scholarship Fund, male applicant students want to be sure to register for the Selective Service.

What is the Selective Service?

The Selective Service is the means in which the United States Government keeps track of all eligible males between the ages of 18 and 26 that in times of war could be drafted into military service. Currently, the United States does not have a draft and Congress would have to pass legislation bringing back the draft before any sort of conscription can take place.

Why Should I Register?

All males, regardless of immigration status, between the ages of 18 and 26 are legally required to register with the selective service. Failure to do so prevents you from applying for student loans, federal aid programs and becoming a naturalized individual. There are also fines and jail time associated with failing to register.

When applying for residency one of the things they will look at is whether you registered for the selective service and when you chose to do it. The earlier you register, the better.

How Do I Register?

Traditionally, individuals can register through the Selective Service website (https://www.sss.gov/RegVer/wfRegistration.aspx). However, people without social security cards cannot because the website will not accept your application without a social security number. Thus, immigrants without social security cards must go to any local post office and ask for the "Selective Service Registration Form."

Fill out the form with your name, address and other information. Leave the field that asks for a social security number blank.

Affix a stamp and drop the form off in the mail. You will receive your registration card in four to six weeks. When you normalize your status, simply update your registration with your new social security number.

This is a very easy process and it is very critical to the naturalization process. Everyone should do it.