Jose Robles

Jose RoblesMatthew 25:40: "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in."

Jose Robles, perhaps one of the biggest supporters of Arizona State University and an Immigrant Rights Champion, passed away on May 26, 2013. Jose was an inspiration to many and was one of the founders of the Dream Scholarship Fund.  To read more about Jose, please visit the links below.


June 8, 2013

Our friend, Jose -- by James Garcia

Soulful, humano, Americano, mejicano, Chicano…

Spreading value, a virtuous voice for the poor and lonely

Heart of a Samaritan, reverberating, an open-door friend to open-handed friends, un espiritu religioso, generoso…in service to God and community

A servant to the homeless, a vigorous champion of downtrodden soldiers, driven by grace and life and noble caring and remembering and giving, not unlike his passion for his three life’s loves….

….Hi church, his son, and, ‘pues, his Sun Devils…

Tu sabes…. A man can be devoted to both God and sports, but it must always in that order…

Devotely unbridled… He was once overheard to say, “The only thing I can't stand more than Ohio State Buckeyes are those damned cats!”

Still, praying for him was a little like praying to a santo, it always felt like the prayer prayed was a prayer granted

A godly ambassador to Dios’ diocenian deeds, this was a gentleman, a gentle friend, a gentle power…

But he did know how to laugh….

He once handed me a bottle marked “Holy Water”, then took a hearty gleeful drink from his botella, as if to say, “Life is blessed!”

The water was actually Vodka, I discovered, making me feel doubly blessed.

His was truth offered, even if not always complimentary, but man knows what men know must be known and remembered and confronted and defended lest the dire and defenseless perish.

Pero como todos sabemos, goes the old adage, dime con quien andas y te digo quien eres…. Tell me who you are with and I’ll tell you who you are….and who you are speaks to whether the angels await you in the end.

A community’s pain.. he believed, was a pain to share…

Like the dark numbered laws, hammer-clawed down upon the backs of the migrating masses, 1070 sign and passed and sanctioned, he saw a community frightened, families divided, scared and scarred… Determining that his would be the rescuer’s cross, a partner to brothers and sisters of the multitudes, a shoulder-to-shoulder servant leader, a single soldier in sacred combat.

For an inner light, fed by the eternal light, cannot dim, a mind opened cannot close, a people freed cannot be chained, and, yet,  even in Rome when El Papa called and Cardinals sang and blessings rang and rose above the clarion call, he always made time to clasp the beads, a gentle fiery heartfelt gift of lighted candles for the endless poor who drifted to his doorstep.

But!...Oh….How he loved Carolina’s…the Original Carolina’s… Especially those burritos….homemade tortillasde harina…con red Machaca, con green Machaca… Deep fried.. inside… outside…How he loved his “bullets”, that’s what he called then.

“Hey!” he would call out to compadres y comadres alike….“Hey! let’s go eat some bullets.”

Tomorrow….Tomorrow…. the  gift wanted by all but promised to none, reminds us of the moments… present…the present moments…. like a love of a father for his son.

“That’s my son, my boy,” he declared one day, wrapped tight in hospital white to fend off the shivering lash of the radiating machine….

“That’s my boy…. The only one who has my name, my love… my life.”

Because you see, even in the face of malignant wrath, a cruel cold-faced microscopic enemy….A godly soldier battles on…

“A final request….” he once beseeched fellow fan of America’s pastime…. “I won’t be taken down to the ballpark this year, so bring me some sand from the pitcher’s mound at Dodger stadium.”

Sand…. Not gold….

Patient, a slow surmiser of people’s needs, an instrument of remedy and mutual understanding, a sleepless humble warrior in faith and devotion  to Christ’s command “to love one another as I have loved you.”

That was the rule….that ruled the soul of this soulful friend…

Because…."El cielo es el lugar para personas tan tiernas como tu!"

Because… “Heaven is the place for tender people like you."